7:07pm August 27, 2014

whenever i try and learn something new

  • me: It seems that I am not immediately excellent at this
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: it is because I am a failure
  • me: everything I touch dies
7:03pm August 27, 2014


do you ever just discover a new band

and you listen to their song

and you can tell straight away

 and you just sit there in complete silence as your entire soul shifts and your entire being begins to beat intune to the sudden new music and your entire world opens up to all the new emotions that you’re going to discover jjust by listning to another humans voice

11:15am August 27, 2014
Anonymous asked: Got a song for A Sad au between Laughing Jack and Isaac?

[[I’ve actually planned on making an AMV for this. The song that I think would fit them most, if it were a sad AU, would be, in my view, “I know I’m a Wolf” by  Young Heretics. It appears to be a song about deception, and sorrow, mixed with guilt and envy. It’s a good song by itself, but it would fit LJ’s and Isaac’s past relationships very well!

Here is a link for you-

11:04pm August 26, 2014


Guys school starts tomorrow…I’m so scared

[[Dont be! You’ll be fine baby. Nothing’s gonna happen. You’ll do great!
2:09pm August 26, 2014

Cautious Mystery (Open RP Starter)

The smell of must is what hit her first.

Not the smell of cleanliness, nor sweet things, but of smoke and alcohol.

There wasn’t a soul to be seen here, which was not unexpected.

In a town as small as this, there would be no need for the daily hustle-and-bustle of businesses and housing.

She was used to it though- She had witnessed smaller towns then this was in her travels.

Out of her thoughts, she took the time to notice, not just the lack of people, but lack of sanitary conditions.

This seemed off-and made her cringe.

Dirt permanently grounded to the flooring, cracked windows, tattered tablecloths.

She figured, that no one had been here for a while.

This stroke her as strange- why would an unknown source, who seemed odd in general, lead her here? 

It didn’t make sense.

Nothing in this situation made much sense.

Confusion guided her even further into the mystery,as she walked past several tables and chairs, flipped over, split, needing to be cleaned.

Picture frames, though protected by glass, were covered in copious amounts of dust, stagnant on each and every spot that they were, having been there for far too long.

She looked around, once more.

Perhaps she should just leave, save your now impending curiosity for another day.

After all, this place screamed something awful, but she ignored it, deciding to investigate further, much to opposing the instinct to know that something was wrong.

With this new curiosity bound to her by madness itself, she found herself tracing over one of the photos, with the tips of her fingers, dust sliding off the glass, to the skin, in a swift motion.

1:40pm August 26, 2014


i find it so incredibly attractive when someone is really good at something, like you can play the violin? damn son. you’re a really talented dj? good for you! i don’t care if you talk to me about quantum physics for an hour straight if i can see the passion in you at some point in that hour i’ll think “whoa, this is really hot.” 

1:39pm August 26, 2014


Source: 【宗凛+百漫画】と【通販のお知らせ】by サアヤ
Translation: aitaikimochi
Notes: this is so cute and hilarious. be sure to give the artist stars if you enjoyed this! permission was granted for this comic only ^^

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This is so fucking cute and I reblog it every time I see it and I can’t get over it.

i hate it when people say you cant love someone over the internet its just so wrong 

11:12am August 26, 2014

There’s going to come a day when we’ve all grown up, had a career, maybe got married and had kids, when were all going about our daily routine. Maybe you’re driving to work with the car radio on, or you’re making dinner with the tv on in the lounge. Life as usual, and then we hear a name. It’s the name of the person you had a blog dedicated to when you were 16. The person you had posters of up on your bedroom wall, or as your desktop background. The person off that show you used to watch every week, as soon as it came out, or that band you used to love. The person from the cast of a movie that changed your life, or the character who you scrolled through page after page of fanfiction of. You haven’t heard that name in a long time, and it brings everything back. And then the name is followed by three words you thought you’d never hear. Has Passed Away. And then you put down the potato peeler and lean back against your kitchen bench, or you pull over to the side of the road, and tears are streaming down your face. And all over the world, there are people who used to be just like you, with tears marking their cheeks and sobs forcing their way out of their throat, because they remember. Because fandoms never really die out. We never really move on. We never really forget.



















image excuse me while I cry for the rest of MY LIFE.

Oh my god..really??





Okay. Instant depression.





11:04am August 26, 2014



youre gonna look so godamn cool


12:01am August 26, 2014

[[I hate my calculus class. Not even a month in and the professor has already handed us 12 assignments. Please, shoot me.]]